10 Jobs With the Best Potential For 2016!


Dream JobWhich occupations will be trending in 2016? And which jobs are going to see an increase in demand and are they worth choosing as a career? These are the questions you should ask if you are looking at a degree course or believe it is time to change career.

Here are 10 jobs that have the most potential that you should consider in the future:

Software application developers

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree; practical experience for entry-level.

Future: This is absolutely a key job of the future. Software embraces us every minute of our day, and people who can build it will never be out of job and will always be able to command high salaries. The ongoing revolution in the mobile device industry means that there is stable growth in this area–most experts agree that this job is going to see 22 percent growth in the next 10 years.

Currently we have software applications for the things that no one in his right mind would have thought of even 10-15 years ago: getting fit, improving eyesight, tracking flights and more! And this won’t stop now so it’s a great time to join in and help build the world of future.

Organisational Psychologists

Qualifications: Master’s degree in psychology.

Future: An increasing number of organisations are beginning to understand the absolute importance of the psychological well-being of their employees in creating great businesses to work for. Organizational psychologists test and select employees, they look at cognitive enhancers that will increase their performance, and apply psychological principles to business. The demand for specialists in this area is projected to increase by 25 percent in the next 10 years, and undoubtedly more. Psychology is the thing right now–as we discover more about the way the brain works, people skilled in this sphere are going to become more and more imperative in business and life in general.

Personal Financial Advisers

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree.

Future: This is one of the fastest-growing job areas right now. It is expected to grow almost 28 percent in the next 10 years, thanks to the glut of baby boomers retiring during this timeframe. Research shows that the vast majority of people are not very happy to get into the details of how money works and where to invest their funds–which means that experts who can solve this for them are going to be in ever-growing demand.

Survey Researchers

Qualifications: Master’s degree.

Future: Business is getting more and more scientific in its approaches to forming strategy, and increasingly relies on data from surveys and research. As a result,  the demand for skilled employees in this area is going to increase as well. The job is expected to grow 17 percent by the year 2022, which is higher than average. If statistics, sociology and business research are your thing get onto it now.

Web Designers

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree; practical experience is enough for entry-level.

Future: Employment in this field is expected to grow more than 20 percent in the next 10 years, and web designers, especially highly-skilled ones, will enjoy steady growth in demand for their services. After all, even today web design is much more than what it was 15 years ago. In addition to site design it incorporates seemingly unrelated areas, like digital marketing so who can say how it will expand in the next decade?

Environmental Engineers

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree

Future: The world is steadily getting more concerned with environmental problems. “Green’ this and “green” is heard constantly and seen everywhere, but this is the way forward and it is very unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.. Right now the job market in this area is expected to grow 15 percent in the next decade, but the ever-growing attention to environment-oriented technologies means that this figure is likely to be even bigger.

Medical Assistants

Qualifications: High school diploma

Future: All medicine-related professions are undergoing quick growth at the moment, but in addition to that medical assistants are understaffed as a rule. Maybe a less glamorous vocation than some, but you are never going to be out of job for long. The job will grow a whopping 29 percent by the year 2022, and even now demand outweighs supply.

Personal Trainers

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree

Future: Retiring baby-boomers concerned with their health are going to become the major growth factor, as well as the growing health-awareness among the population in general. This job is expected to increase by almost 28 percent in the next five years. This is certainly a great job choice for those interested in sport or health and fitness in general.

Personal and Home Care Aides

Qualifications: Certification

Future: The Kiwi population is steadily aging, which means that demand for individuals who care about the elderly and the infirm is going to increase as well. As a result the predicted growth in this area is around 48 percent by the year 2022.

However, if there is no major increase of skilled individuals in this area the demand is going to outweigh the supply, and salaries will rise dramatically.

Biomedical Engineers

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree.

Future: Biomedical engineers are the research elite of the medical profession. They develop new solutions in medical care, enjoy great respect and high salaries. We are all concerned with preserving and improving general health of people than ever, and high-tech improvements in this field are going to become more important in the years to come. Demand for biomedical engineers is expected to increase by 27 percent in the next 10 years.

These jobs may differ in many respects, some are more prestigious, some are less. Yet they have one thing in common. They are going to be in high demand in the years to come and are a very good choice to make right now if you are going to school or looking for a career change.

Good Luck!


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