What We Can Save Your Business in Recruitment Fees

SavingsWe have consistently demonstrated that a great recruitment service can be accessed for a fraction of conventional prices.

We can save you up to and over 70% as compared to other recruitment agencies. Review the below savings structure to learn more about how we can help you save.

We perform the entire recruitment function for a flat rate of:

  • $2795 plus GST for roles whose remuneration is under $100K,
  • $2950 plus GST for roles between $100K and $150K ($150k inclusive)
  • $3950 plus GST for roles over $150k.

Total Salary of
Staff Member
Our Service Fee
ex. GST
Avg price of
Recruitment Agencies
(calculated @ Conservative 12%)
NZ$60,000 NZ$2,795 NZ$7,200
Save NZ $4,405
NZ$100,000 NZ$2,795 NZ$12,000
Save NZ $9,205
NZ$140,000 NZ$2,950 NZ$16,800
Save NZ $13,850
NZ$160,000 NZ$3,950 NZ$19,200
Save NZ $15,250

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