Auckland’s Affordable Recruitment Agency

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Auckland’s Affordable Recruitment Agency

The Recruitment Alternative. Auckland’s affordable recruitment agency recruits Administration professionals. We recruit everything from Office Managers to Senior Marketing positions as well as BDM – Client management roles.

Currently, in Auckland, the key to finding the right employee for your business can be as simple as following a few important steps.

The Job Brief

Recruitment for the role needs to be thought out and specific. So think about what you need the person to do. And don’t be afraid to pull out personal traits that you want to see in the prospective employee. Share this whole job brief with your recruiter so we get the job done right the first time. Remember, “Time is money”. And placement carried out correctly the first time will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Screening Applicants

A professional Recruitment Agency will only pass on the best candidates for you to interview. So be wary of agencies that just pass on CV’s without conducting interviews. Your Recruitment Specialists should know your company, the vacancy, and the candidate.

Interview & Selection

Act quickly if you get the right candidate in front of you. Remember, the recruitment market is competitive. And great candidates don’t stay looking for long. If you get a star candidate through in the first interviews don’t wait. Interviewing numbers to fill your quota may go against you. That first-star interviewee may not be available a few weeks later when you’re ready to select the successful applicant.

Engage a Recruitment Agency you can trust

Recruitment is a skill. Having a great Recruitment specialist that can identify a good match is key to retention. Effective recruitment has a domino effect in the workplace. Employees see that you make wise decisions. Moral and respect is contagious. This positive attitude will affect the quality of your products or services, and ultimately, your customers’ perceptions of your company.

The Recruitment Alternative is New Zealand’s affordable recruitment provider. Currently recruiting in Auckland various roles from Operations Manager, Administration roles and Factory staff. Contact us on our Freephone line number: 0800 587 546 to book a no obligation, free consultation for your companies’ recruitment needs.

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