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Did you know?

  • The SME’s businesses makes up a significant part of the New Zealand’s economy.
  • New Zealand’s SME companies have earned an international reputation for being flexible, resilient, adaptable and entrepreneurial.
  • SME’s contribute billions to the nation’s GDP in 2017 and continues to grow every year.

Today’s employers and recruitment agencies are always on the hunt for great BDM staff. So potential candidates should be up to date with their skills. And be able to demonstrate how they can add value to your business. With industry skill shortages the importance of retaining your trained qualified employees can make or break an SME. Check out our past Blogs for staff retention tips and hints.

Especially relevant- Recruitment agencies are looking for:

  • qualifications
  • relevant experience
  • how applicants have improved the bottom line for past employers.

Therefore look for a Account Manager who can:

  • Communicate clearly through the growth aspects of a project
  • Forecast and project manage effectively
  • Turn a phone call into a site visit

The Recruitment Alternative recruit’s Account Manager roles across New Zealand and Australia.  Therefore if you’re looking to expand or replace a team member contact to our Recruitment Specialists. We look forward to working with you on your next project or campaign.

Current Job Seekers takes a look on our Job Board for roles across both Australia and New Zealand.

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