FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about our Recruitment Agency

What sort of jobs do you recruit in?

We recruit in the vast majority of job categories. Our vast in-house expertise provides us with the flexibility and the know how to recruit in the most common jobs as well as the more esoteric.

In what places do you recruit?

Our recruitment agency recruits all round Australia and New Zealand.

What does your recruitment service actually consist of?

We do it all for you, including:

1. We work closely with you to understand exactly the sort of person you’re after
2. We write and place an ad for you in the most appropriate medium/s
3. We search our extensive DDB to find you great applicants
4. We screen all the applications (resumes)
5. We pre-interview all the good applicants
6. We send you the best ones for you to interview
7. We schedule interviews between the candidate and you, the employer
8. We conduct referees checks
9. And we do all it again if you don’t like anyone we’ve sent to you.

In short, we take all the hassle out of recruitment for you.

You’re so affordable, does that mean I get an inferior service?

Absolutely not. Remember, you only pay us if we’re successful in finding you a good candidate you employ. And we want our existing clients to use us time and again. 80% of our business is repeat business. We have to be good at what we do otherwise we would not be in business.

What do you do to source good candidates?

We leave no stone unturned in our recruitment processes. We use our extensive
database, we run ads in the most appropriate places and we use our extensive networks.
Our placement success rate is over 85%.

How long does it take to find good candidates?

Typically, a recruitment campaign takes anywhere between 3 to 15 working days
depending on a range of factors including the state of the labour market.

Do you provide a replacement guarantee?

Yes. If the person we’ve placed does not work out in the first 3 months then we undertake to replace them free of charge (other than a small administration fee).

Do I have to pay a service fee if you don’t find anyone I like?

No, there is no service fee charge. We only ask that you pay a small advertising and administration fee of $385 plus gst. There are no other charges. Contact us now on: 0800 587 546