The Best Type of Questions to Ask Candidates

greatInterviewQsProfessional recruiters understand that the most effective way of getting to the truth of a candidate’s answers, is by asking behavioural based questions. However, what are great interview questions?

As the name suggests a behavioural based question seeks to elicit answers that describe the behaviour or actions of a candidate in a specific work related situation. In other words, behavioural based questions are searching for what the candidate did or how they did it.

By asking behavioural questions you quickly find out how good a candidate is in terms of completing a certain task. It could be a large and strategic one or it could be a small and process driven task.

For example, instead of asking: What are you like with MYOB? You should ask: What steps do you go through to create a profit/loss report on MYOB?

Once you’re used to asking behavioural based questions you will notice a world of difference in your next recruitment process.

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