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northland's budget recruitment The Recruitment Alternative, Northland’s budget recruitment agency recruits finance professionals. We recruit everything from Accounting graduates to Senior Account Managers as well as Finance and Tax experts.

Northland’s Budget Recruitment – Accounting Solutions.

As a recruitment agency that recruits lots of accountants The Recruitment Alternative suggests that before you hire an accountant, you implement the following two simple rules:

  1. Ensure that you have a seasoned accountant or finance person at the interview ready to ask all those technical questions that are relevant to your accounting
  2. An experienced accountant will very quickly ascertain the veracity of the candidate’s answers.
  3. Give the candidate a task to complete on your accounting A good candidate should be able to solve the problem you give them.

It make so much sense to go the extra mile at your interview. Accounting errors can be messy to sort out as well as costly to fix.

Our clients keep on coming back. Why don’t you try us today?

Nationwide recruitment solutions

Successfully sourcing local and nationwide talent to fill those hard to replace employees.  So, we utilise the major job seeker web pages and have access to many other job boards and candidate databases.

Our recruitment of quality staff extends to every city within New Zealand. Working in major cities near you in –  Northland, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

So whether you’re looking for a Junior or a Senior Manager The Recruitment Alternative can help you. Check out our web page for employer and job seeker help pages.

The Recruitment Alternative, Northland’s budget recruitment company. We are a generalist agency that works mainly with small to medium size businesses.  Our low-cost approach to recruitment is revolutionizing the recruitment industry and has attracted thousands of enthusiastic businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia.

In conclusion, we want you to know “budget recruitment to suit your budget is our business!”

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