How We’re so Affordable

It’s a question we are asked often: How can we provide such an effective recruitment service at such affordable prices?

If you’re looking for some amazingly unique answer you won’t find it. There’s no magic bullet or secret formula to what we do. The answers are deceptively simple.

They are:

1. Lots of work means we can keep our margins low. Due to our sensible pricing and our very high service levels we get lots of work. Because we get lots of work we’re able to keep our prices down.

2. We work very hard to keep our administration, infrastructure and marketing costs down. We save thousands of dollars by aggressively eliminating unnecessary expenditures. There are no fancy offices with city views and no long client lunches for us. Much of our work comes from word of mouth!

3. The bulk of our consultants’ pay comes from successfully placing a candidate with our clients. If we don’t place a candidate our income is severely curtailed.

4. We’re not greedy. Conventional agencies charge, on average, 12% (and even that’s on the low side). 12% of, say, a $70K role is: $8400. That’s $8,400 for a single placement. We think that’s excessive. If you agree why not contact us for a chat?

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