Simple Flat Fee Structure

Flat Fee Structure

Budget Recruitment from The Recruitment Alternative

Our flat fee structure rate pricing model is simplicity itself.

We have a 3 tiered pricing approach, dependent on the salary of the candidate being recruited:

1st Tier: Total remuneration package up to and including $100,000, we charge a flat rate of $2,795 plus GST.

2nd Tier: Total remuneration package over $100,000 and less than $150,000, our fee is $2,950 plus GST.

3rd Tier: Total remuneration package $150,000 or over, our fee is $3,950 plus GST.

Included in the above is a replacement guarantee for the first three months of the candidate commencing employment.

The higher the salary the more we save you compared to the traditional agencies.

Affordability Plus Quality Service from a multi-award winning agency.

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