Programmer Recruitment Made Easy

lightbulbProgrammer recruitment can contain many pitfalls for the uninitiated employer. When undertaking your search for your next superstar programmer, implement the following strategies to ensure your new employee is an exact fit for your business

Kick start your programmer recruitment campaign with attention grabbing Job Ads:

• Programmers are looking for companies and job roles that are exciting and dynamic. Don’t let your Programmer Recruitment drive down by posting ads that are mundane and will fail to attract the upper echelon of candidates.

• Try some alternative advertising strategies. One savvy employer recently started their programmer recruitment campaign with a job ad written entirely in code. Only programmers with the relevant skills would have been able to read and respond to the ad.

Decide upon and communicate clearly the skills your candidate needs to do the job, before you start the programmer recruitment process:

• Ensure recruitment doesn’t begin until there is a clear understanding of the type of Programmer you are looking for. This may entail consideration of skills, tertiary qualifications, personality type, experience etc.

• As soon as you start the programmer recruitment campaign, be definite about establishing a clear set of selection criteria that you will adhere to throughout the campaign. Be clear that you will not deviate from these criteria.

• Ask peers to contribute to the development of the selection criteria. A programmer will likely have interaction with other areas of the business, so peer input into the programmer recruitment process will pay off in the long run

• Don’t fall for likeable candidates. It is good to employee programmers who will mesh well with existing teams, however this is no match for professional qualifications

Make yourself available immediately for Interviews with potential programmers:

• Programmer recruitment is not an exact science, no matter how good a candidate appears on paper, the only way to verify a strong fit with your company is at interview. This can only happen if you are available at short notice to drop everything and interview quality candidates.

• Your programmer recruitment process may be thorough and complicated, but your candidate doesn’t need to know that. Make sure the process is timely and uncomplicated for the programmer candidate.

• Make yourself available for interviews at alternative times and locations if that’s what it takes to get face to face with your candidate

Don’t allow bias to creep into programmer Interviews:

• Personal bias can be easily removed from the programmer recruitment process by developing a clear set of standard questions that every candidate will be asked. This allows for a transparent process, but also ensures that you are comparing all candidates on the same merits.

• Give your programmer recruitment process the priority it deserves. Switch off mobile phones, find a quiet space in the office, clear your diary and advertise the fact that you are interviewing to ensure you are not disturbed.

• Encourage candidates to interview you as much as you interview them. Involve them in the recruitment process by letting them get to know your company and the way that your programmer recruitment process will run

When you find a top programmer, don’t let them get away

• When following up on interviews with candidates, engage them in the recruitment process by advising how long it may take, and when to expect a response.

• There is nothing more frustrating than running an extensive programmer recruitment campaign and finding a superstar, only to lose them due to delays on your company’s part. When you find a great candidate, lock them in immediately. Ensure all internal processes are ready to go when a candidate accepts an offer

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