The Recruitment Alternative recruiting Receptionist

The Recruitment Alternative recruiting Receptionist

Affordable Recruitment Solutions. The Recruitment Alternative low-cost and multi-award winning recruitment agency.

Offering affordable  recruitment solutions for all businesses across NZ.

As a result, our ability to do our job can be seen in satisfied testimonials.recruiting receptionist

So it’s key to have the best recruiters representing your company.

Here are some of the skills that set great recruiters apart from the rest.

Especially relevant, these are the skills that The Recruitment Alternative consultants excel in.

What Makes a Great Recruiter?

  1. Strong sales skills.

  • A successful recruiter knows how to sell.

So to attract the best candidates to a role a sometimes a sales pitch needs to be given.

We also sell why your company is the employer of choice. Hence, that’s why the consultants take the time. Ensuring we get a correct and informative job brief at the beginning of each campaign.

  1. Ability to build relationships.

  • there is no room for the timid or shy in this people-driven industry .

Consequently, a great recruiter likes to meet new people. As a result, they will seek out opportunities to do so even when they are not recruiting.

We end up with candidates and clients who are well suited for one another. Hence, it’s the deep understanding of your company that allows successful recruiters to bring the two together.

The Recruitment Alternatives strong reputation was built by building genuine relationships.

Currently recruiting receptionist

We are currently recruiting receptionist.

You can check out our ads on Seek.

The Recruitment Alternative recruit’s administration roles right across New Zealand. These range from receptionists to account managers.

Therefore if you’re looking to expand or replace a team member contact our Recruitment Specialists.

We look forward to working with you on your next project or campaign.

The Recruitment Alternative – Low-cost recruitment solutions.

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