Recruitment process tip sheet

tipsWhen you engage with The Recruitment Alternative, as part of our service we provide you with a tip sheet to help ensure you get the best out of your recruitment process, so you can employ the best candidate.

Here are some of those top tips below:

•        Most good candidates are actively seeking employment and want options, so be sure but be swift.

Whilst a candidate may be interested in your position, good candidates will not put all their eggs in one basket. They will be aggressively seeking to obtain interviews and will usually have more than one opportunity on the go at any one time.  If you find a candidate that you like, be thorough but move quickly, to ensure that you don’t lose them. The great majority of placements that fall through are due to the Client’s preferred candidate accepting another position because the interview process has been too slow.

•        Remember that an interview is an opportunity for both sides to make a good impression.

Whilst the candidate is there to be interviewed by you, they are also deciding if you are an employer that they want to work for. Be professional, positive and on time. Don’t forget: the really good candidates are usually in a position to choose who they want to work for so you need to impress them too.

•        When asking questions in an interview be prepared.

Always have your questions ready to go and remember that there are questions that you are just not allowed to ask. We are happy to offer advice around this topic if you need it, but questions about age, marital status, number of children, religion (to name a few) cannot be asked and leave you open to possible legal action.

•        If you make a verbal offer, stick to it.

A candidate will think you are unreliable and possibly untrustworthy if there are notable changes in the written offer compared to one discussed in a final interview. You don’t want to get to the very end of your recruitment process just to have to start again because your preferred candidate pulls the pin.

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