SME Affordable Recruitment

The Recruitment Alternative offer SME affordable recruitment solutions across all recruitment areas. Our model is targeted towards SME’s wanting innovative, successful recruitment campaigns. SME’s are unique as their business can be actively growing, but they aren’t necessarily adding staff regularly.    The Recruitment Alternative allows your SME to focus on their core business and making profits. We are ready to take over the full recruitment process when you’re ready to expand.  SME Affordable Recruitment

SME Affordable Recruitment – Placement solutions on a budget

As an SME, the costs of recruiting yourself is around $9500 according to Seek. However, you will not only be saving precious dollars using our services. You will also be saving time, resources and energy.

SME Affordable Recruitment – Professional guidance on hand

SME’s come from a wide range of expertise.  HR and employment is a changing field. Clients enjoy that they can contact their Recruitment Specialist at any stage during the recruitment process to get assistance.  Our web page also offers in-depth and free advice to employers and job seekers.

Top tips for developing future talent

  • Try to develop a future plan of how you see the workforce developing. What additional roles do you foresee and what new skills will be needed?
  • As well as hiring experienced people, think about how you can grow your own talent in-house to ensure the business has the skills it will need in the future.
  • If your company has the resources, try to attract young people by offering short work experience placements. Ask for feedback about what it’s like to be a young person in your organisation.
  • When employing young people on a more permanent basis, you will need a well-thought-through induction and ongoing development plan in place to get the most from your future talent.
  • As well as thinking about filling future roles, draw up a succession plan for existing roles.
  • Identify the key roles in your organisation which require particular skills or capabilities and think about whether there is anyone who could assume these roles tomorrow if they became vacant.
  • Consider what additional training potential successors need to be ready to move into these key roles.

The Recruitment Alternative consultants will work through the whole recruitment process with you. Low-cost recruitment strategies at affordable prices.

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