Office Support Jobs in Wellington

Are you looking for an Office Support job in Wellington? If you are in the middle of your job search you will know that there are a lot of companies looking for office support. That’s great news, but it also means that a lot of candidates will be applying which means competition!

How to stand out?

Having an outstanding resume is the best possible reflection you can offer a recruiter. It’s so important for you as a candidate to make your resume stand out. Be sure to include

  • A strong opening statement or summary– What makes you unique? What can you offer an organization that someone else can’t?
  • List your key achievements– Perhaps you successfully handled all administrative functions when a new company was starting up. Noting this will make an impression far better than just a basic work history. If you have done something impressive why not show it off?
  • Add ‘key words’– Many Recruitment Consultants and companies scan resumes for specific words and phrases. Try to use some of the language that is in the job ad, as long as it accurately reflects your background. For example, if a Recruitment Consultant or employer is looking for someone who can handle multiple phone lines, you should use the wording “multiple phone lines” in your resume instead of saying you “answered phone calls.”
  • Note down any program proficiencies – by listing you have previous experience with a program such as MYOB gives you an edge on your resume. The more skills you have to offer the more appealing your application will be

Preparation Is Key!

There are so many things to prepare for its easy to get overwhelmed. Remember to keep in mind the following:

  • Look the part– personal presentation is very important. If you’re attending a job interview for an administration position you wouldn’t dress as if you’re going to the gym or for a night out. This may seem obvious but you would be surprised!
  • Research the company– know who you are applying to so that you can tailor your resume and be a step ahead if you are invited for an interview
  • Stay organised– if you are in the process of job seeking you will of course be applying for more than one position. By keeping a note of who you have applied with will help you when you receive a call to discuss your application. You can also prepare answers for interview questions and relaxing techniques for nerves during interviews

What industries do we recruit for?

As a generalist recruitment agency, we have experience across the board! Head to our ‘jobs board to find your next career opportunity.

Another great thing about The Recruitment Alternative as an affordable employment agency, is that we operate New Zealand wide. So not only in Wellington but Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton etc. We can offer you affordable employment solutions at a low-cost price point to suit your budget. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today.

Cheap Recruitment Solutions – Account Management roles

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We are experienced in recruiting for a wide range of Sales, Account Management, and BDM roles.Cheap Recruitment Solutions

Did you know?

  • The SME’s businesses makes up a significant part of the New Zealand’s economy.
  • New Zealand’s SME companies have earned an international reputation for being flexible, resilient, adaptable and entrepreneurial.
  • SME’s contribute billions to the nation’s GDP in 2017 and continues to grow every year.

Today’s employers and recruitment agencies are always on the hunt for great BDM staff. So potential candidates should be up to date with their skills. And be able to demonstrate how they can add value to your business. With industry skill shortages the importance of retaining your trained qualified employees can make or break an SME. Check out our past Blogs for staff retention tips and hints.

Especially relevant- Recruitment agencies are looking for:

  • qualifications
  • relevant experience
  • how applicants have improved the bottom line for past employers.

Therefore look for a Account Manager who can:

  • Communicate clearly through the growth aspects of a project
  • Forecast and project manage effectively
  • Turn a phone call into a site visit

The Recruitment Alternative recruit’s Account Manager roles across New Zealand and Australia.  Therefore if you’re looking to expand or replace a team member contact to our Recruitment Specialists. We look forward to working with you on your next project or campaign.

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