Have You Been Made Redundant? Employment Ideas To Get You Back On Track

During the Covid-19 virus pandemic, many people found themselves in the unfortunate position of being made redundant. The employment space is quickly changing and with all these changes it can bring uncertainty and worry. Especially for those seeking a new employment opportunity. The Recruitment Alternative would like to offer some employment ideas and tips to get you back on track after being made redundant.

Review Your Resume

A great place to start is by reviewing your resume. Refresh and refine it with current information and tailor it to each job to apply for. Highlighting how you and your experience make you the right fit for the employment opportunity.

Planning and Routines

After being made redundant, especially if you have worked for the organisation for many years, it may seem like a daunting task to start applying for jobs. Don’t rush into it but instead, make a plan and put a routine in place. For example, you may want to choose 9:30am every day to apply for 10 jobs. It’s important not to just everything for ‘everything’ you see but research the roles and apply for those to which your skills would a match.

Online Short Course

Keep your skills sharp and up to date by completing free or paid online short courses. Many businesses are offering free short courses so why not take advantage of this. Not only will it maintain your currency but will look excellent on your resume. Your new skillset will only stand out and contribute to a future employer.

Interview Practice

With many job interviews (and businesses) now being conducted online, you should take some time to familiarise yourself with a variety of online chat platforms. However more importantly, you should take some time to practice and prepare for an interview. This includes both your written, verbal and non-verbal skills. You may want to check out our blog on ‘Over Coming Interview Nerves’ for more assistance in this area.

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Phone Interview Tips

Phone interviews are more important than you might think. Whether it’s a scheduled call or ‘on the go’ you must be prepared to respond appropriately. Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative to help you land a second interview.

Receiving the Call

If a recruiter or employer has contacted you for a phone interview, should treat it with the same importance as you would a ‘face to face’ meeting. Which means you need to be prepared!

  • Ensure you are in a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted or distracted
  • Use a reliable phone that has good reception
  • Have your resume and cover letter in front of you – a recruiter will have your application in front of them as they are conducting the phone interview. Don’t risk blanking or making something up when they start asking specific questions
  • Get ready to take as many notes as required – these could help you if/when you’re successful to the next stage of the application process

During the Phone Interview

How you conduct yourself and respond to questions during a phone interview will determine if you progress or not. Thinking about your tone of voice is very important. In a face to face interview it allows to you make an impression based on several visible factors. Such as body language to help convey your interest and enthusiasm about the role. Thus, over the phone the tone of your voice and how you respond is extremely important. You should sound clear, engaged, upbeat and friendly. This is particularly important for Reception, Sales Consultant or other such roles where your phone manner is critical.

Some other things to consider are:

  • Listening – You will obviously be asked questions as this is an interview, however it is important to listen and respond correctly. This is a great opportunity to show a perspective employer or recruiter you are a great listener. Let the interview guide the conversation and respond accordingly
  • Don’t dominate the conversation – You don’t want to give the wrong impression by over answering or waffling on when responding to a question or making a comment. Be direct and to the point
  • Be ready to answer questions – Being prepared with adequate responses to standard questions will give you an edge. Take some time to think about how you would respond to questions regarding salary, your availability to start this position or attend an interview, why you are leaving your current position etc.
  • Prepare questions – Along with note taking, have a list of pre-prepared questions or even questions you noted down during your conversation to discuss with the interviewer

 After the Phone Interview

After the phone call, send an email thanking them for the interview. Make your final impression before entering the next stage of the process. You may also consider following up on the progress of your application after an appropriate amount of time has passed.

Phone interviews are becoming more and more common in the recruitment process. That’s why it’s important to know how to use them to your advantage! They are also often used to screen out basic incompatibilities which is why they should be taken seriously.

For more information including further tips and advice head over to our ‘job seeker help center’. The Recruitment Alternative are currently recruiting across Australia and New Zealand. Roles at all levels in Accounting, Digital Marketing, Administration, Warehousing and IT – just to name a few! Why don’t you pay our ‘jobs board’ a visit, your next career opportunity could be a click away.

As a generalist recruitment agency, we offer affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 0800 587 546.