Recruitment Trick or Treat?

Halloween is approaching, don’t let your new hire be a recruitment trick or treat lucky dip. As all employers quickly learn, there’s a world of difference between a new employee who’s correctly matched to their job and their organization and recruiting one who is not.

How do you find and match the right people to the right jobs?

By including, in your organisation’s people strategy, a well-structured recruiting program. So, the key to successfully running such a program is to follow a recruiting process. Resist the temptation to omit steps, because shortcutting the process can short-change your results.

Here’s what you’ll need to do!

  • Have accurate, current job descriptions – Make sure you have an effective job description for each position in your company. Your job descriptions should reflect careful thought as to the roles the individual will fill. Also the skill sets they’ll need, the personality attributes that are important to completing their tasks, and any relevant experience that would differentiate one applicant from another. This may sound basic, but you’d be surprised at how many small companies fail to develop or maintain updated job descriptions. 
  • Contact a Recruitment Agency that has a proven success record with small to medium sized business – Recruitment agencies have more time than you do to contact potential candidates and screen their qualifications. They can also conduct pre-screening interviews and narrow down the pool to the best candidates available.
  • Draft the ad, describing the position and the key qualifications required – Although some applicants will ignore these requirements and respond regardless, including this information will help you limit the number of unqualified applicants.
  • Company Culture – So, before you start the hiring process, determine your strategy. Make sure the successful candidate is a good fit with your company’s culture. Do you understand your company’s culture? If need be, ask an outsider to assess the culture of your organisation. Your goal is to have a plan that will help you determine whether you have the right person who will fit into your company’s culture.

In Conclusion

Your people strategy must include a recruiting and selection strategy that attracts and retains quality employees. So, following a structured process will help you best match the right people to the right jobs. Recruitment trick or treat – No risk with The Recruitment Alternative.

The Recruitment Alternative operates New Zealand wide. Across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, etc. We can offer you affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 0800 587 546.

Christchurch’s Affordable Employment Agency

Christchurch’s affordable employment agency, The Recruitment Alternative, recruits everything from Senior BDM to Accounts and Marketing positions, and more. Currently, in Christchurch, the key to finding the right employee for your business can be following a few important steps.

Creating a correct Job Brief

Recruitment for the role needs to be thought out and specific. So think about what you need the person to do. Make sure your job brief gives a true and correct example of what the role will entail.  Always share this whole job brief with your recruiter so we get the job done right the first time. “Time is money” and a placement carried out correctly the first time will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Pre-Screening Applicants

Also be wary of agencies that just pass on CV’s without conducting interviews. Your Recruitment Specialists should know your company, the vacancy, and the candidate. A Professional Employment Agency will only pass on the best candidates for you to interview.


Interview & Selection

So always act quickly if you get the right candidate in front of you. The recruitment market is competitive. Great candidates don’t stay looking for long. If you get the best candidate through in the first interviews don’t wait. They may not be available a few weeks later when you’re ready to select the successful applicant.

Engage an Employment Agency you can trust

Recruitment is a skill. Having a great Recruitment specialist that can identify a good match is key to retention. Therefore it’s good to understand that effective recruitment has a domino effect in the workplace. Employees see that you make wise decisions. As a result, this positive attitude will affect the quality of your products or services, and ultimately, your customers’ perceptions of your company.

The Recruitment Alternative is New Zealand’s Low-cost employment agency provider.

Currently recruiting across Christchurch various roles from Admin / Sales Support, BDM, Real Estate roles, and Factory staff.

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How To Effectively Work With Recruiters

So you have decided to engage the services of a recruitment agency, what’s next? To get the most effective outcome, here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative:

Be Prepared

Whatever position you are recruiting for, be prepared with all the correct information before speaking with a recruitment agency. Information such as position title, salary range, position description, ideal candidate etc. Also being able to articulate the company culture to assist the recruiter in finding the overall right fit for your business.

Open To Feedback

Recruitment Consultants have a great deal of industry insight which includes job market trends, appropriate salary range, industry tips etc. Being open to feedback and discussion is vital to finding the right candidate. For example, when there are more roles available than people looking for work, you may need to consider being flexible with your offerings. Be prepared to possibly increase the salary on offer. If a candidate is interviewing for a number of positions, employers may offer an increased salary and benefits to secure them. You may also need to be flexible with the years of experience or education levels of the candidates.

Interview Process

Always have your questions ready to go. Remember that there are questions that you are just not allowed to ask. Recruiters are happy to offer advice around this topic if you need it. However, questions about age, marital status, number of children, religion (to name a few) cannot be asked and leave you open to possible legal action.

Whilst the candidate is there to be interviewed by you, they are also deciding if you are an employer that they want to work for. Be professional, positive and on time. Don’t forget really good candidates are usually in a position to choose who they want to work for. So you need to impress them too!

Move Quickly

With candidates having an abundance of jobs to choose from at the moment, they are often interviewing for more than one role at a time. If you interview a candidate and deem them suitable for the role you are looking to fill, it’s advisable to move quickly. Decide whether you would like to offer them the position or continue with the recruitment process. Candidates are often offered a role upon the conclusion of an interview. You do not want to risk losing them to the competition because you have been too busy to get back to them.

How To Choose The Right Agency

In today’s highly competitive candidate driven marketing finding and hiring the ideal candidate can be a challenge. This is why many businesses turn to recruitment agencies such as The Recruitment Alternative. Recruitment agencies can add real value to your business. By providing expert knowledge and contacts to help you find the right staff for your organisation. We understand that all businesses essentially want two things from a recruitment agency. The first is high-quality candidates and the second is low-cost recruitment fees. We provide both! A quality recruiter will add value to the hiring process. Contact us today on 0800 587 546 to find out more about our affordable prices and high standard of customer service.

Recruitment Tips to Keep Employees with Job Offers

In all organisations, the best employees outperform mediocre ones by a huge margin.

We can all think of examples where a star employee sets a team on fire or does the work of several people.

They’re worth paying for, holding out for and fighting for.

A lot of time is invested into finding a good hire.

It’s fair to say that employers feel defensive as they prepare to keep talent who may be getting headhunted with new opportunities. Recruitment Tips

Recruitment Tips, just because an employee has been offered a new role, it doesn’t mean you are out of options. You just need to know what it will take to keep that employee.

Here are a few recommendations on how to counter-offer an employee in today’s highly competitive market:

Recruitment Tips- Understand their motivation

  • Try and find out why they want to leave. Ask questions in order to get them talking about their life and priorities. Is it something practical like moving or hours. Are they unhappy with a team member? Or is it about the job and money? Without knowing exactly what the issue or opportunity for change is it’s very hard to counter.

Recruitment Tips – Critically assess their new role

  • There’s a lot of value (and fear) of the “devil you know” argument. Perhaps the employee doesn’t really know the new company, leader or team they will be working with. You can create uncertainty in your employees’ confidence of their better future elsewhere. So try asking probing questions about their career move.

Recruitment Tips – Don’t be held, hostage

  • When you’ve ascertained why the employee is leaving, counter on that point in particular. For example, if they are interested in more money, offer more money. If it’s responsibility, provide more. You’ll need to exceed the offer they have from elsewhere to ensure winning. But before you make an offer, you should evaluate the cost and opportunity of hiring someone new. In any gap where someone leaves, you have a productivity loss. However, it is also an opportunity to assess whether you’re really doing things the optimal way with the optimal people.

Recruitment Tips – Don’t get emotionally invested

  • Putting too much in the game can lead to irrational offers. Or resentment later on. So be very clear with yourself on how far you’re prepared to go. And know in detail what your best alternative to a negotiated outcome is. Set up your best offer and stick to it. Also be clear in your mind that you could get someone great to start afresh for what you’re proposing.

Recruitment Tips – Create performance incentives

  • The majority of people who accept counter offers leave within 6 months anyway. So be sure to create a medium-term performance incentive that gets you over that hump. For example, create a bonus after 12 months if certain criteria are met.

Finally, remind the employee of all the good work and progress they contributed to the business.

Reinforce that they will be walking away from something they have been directly involved in producing.

However, if the employee decides to go it’s important that you remain calm and wish them well.

You never know if they will be happy with their new company. And they may want to come back again.

So also keep in mind that hiring a new employee is always an opportunity to bring new ideas. And new ways of operating can motivate team members and spark creativity.

The Recruitment Alternative is New Zealand’s affordable recruitment provider. Currently recruiting various roles from Operations Manager, Administration roles, and Factory processing staff.

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Recruitment Solutions

War on talent – Recruitment SolutionsRecruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions – Across most industries in New Zealand today there is a war on talent! Everyday top candidates are being contacted by multiple head-hunters, in-house recruiters and even being forwarded targeted jobs based on LinkedIn’s skill matcher. With all of these temptations, strong candidates now have full control over the recruitment process.

Here are some top tips to closing the deal!


Recruiting is no different than dating. After meeting a top candidate, many thoughts start to go through your mind – “Shall I follow up now?”  …. “Should I wait a few days?”… “ Should I keep looking just in case?”

The interview process is your opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule to invest and take interest in the potential candidates. To win the war on talent here a few tips.

When you interview make sure you have a clear head about what you are looking for. What gaps need to be filled in your current team? And give yourself time after the interview to reflect and take notes.

Don’t waste time negotiating

The worst thing you can do is kill the recruitment process by trying to save a couple of dollars. Before you start the recruitment process know your budget. Understand what needs to be spent to get that top candidate when they walk in your door.

The Recruitment Alternative always makes sure that the candidate knows the offered salary. Try not to go in with an offer that is under a candidate’s expectations. Make sure everyone is on the same page!

Understand the key motivator

Top candidates are no longer just looking for an increased salary or a more senior title. During the interview process make sure you understand candidate’s motivations. Some candidates are looking for stable employment and the opportunity to be mentored further into their career. If your organisation can provide this – promote at the interview.  It’s not all about money.

Be a confident interviewer

The process of your interview can be just as important as the job offer. Candidates are looking for strong leadership and a stable future.  It is so important to make the interview personal! Know your company, know your brand. Sell the perks of working for you through the interview.

An unsuccessful candidate may be a future customer.   Refine your engagement, recruitment and delivery strategy!

The Recruitment Alternative consultants will work through the whole recruitment process with you. Low-cost recruitment strategies at affordable prices.

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