Save Time, Watch Time – Recruitment Tips

Recruitment Tips: Let The Recruitment Alternative help you to recruit well.

The Recruitment Alternative can save you an important asset to your business – Save time. To the untrained, recruitment can seem like a pretty straightforward activity. A job vacancy is created, we find the right candidate for the position, an official offer of employment is made, and then with a flick of your fingers the candidate is in the role. Pat yourself on the back – Job well done. However, what lies beneath a simple process is a machine that needs to be tended to and maintained. save time

A key area of the hiring process is time. This one element is crucial to almost every part of the recruitment process and is often misunderstood.

  • Time to write a job brief
  • The time to load the vacancy
  • HR Time to generate the contract
  • Time to interview candidates
  • Downtime between interviews
  • Time to assess candidates presented
  • Timeout to conduct reference checks
  • Suitable time to make an offer and wait for acceptance
  • Time before the candidate begins employment

– these are all collective parts of the recruitment filling process.

Save time – Timing is Everything

All of these aspects contribute significantly to the possibility of securing your preferred candidate

  • Your company brand
  • Your turnaround speed from application to first contact
  • The reputation of your organisation on how they treat their employees, clients and customers.
  • The first impression a candidate gets when they come to interview
  • The organisation’s culture and how current employees explain the day to day running of your organisation

Time is key in the recruitment process and some of the consequences of a poorly timed process can be significant. Waiting too long between a final interview and a making your selected candidate an offer can considerably deter a candidate and give them the impression you are no longer as interested. There is also a huge risk that other job offers are being presented to your star candidate.

Be efficient

To stop these things from happening your time needs to be used as efficiently as possible. Save time.

  • Be quick to respond to applicants
  • Try to book interviews with candidates as the applications come in
  • Stay in touch with your recruitment consultant so we can stay in contact with the candidate.
  • Make sure someone makes contact with the star candidates soon after your interview and make sure they are up to date throughout the process
  • Foster a good culture within your organisation, so any member of staff is quick to spread the word about how great your company is to work for. (A candidate that truly does their homework will ask around about the prospective employer)

Become a proactive employer

One way to increase your recruitment speed is to become a proactive employer. Predict the trends from previous years. Look ahead to your expected workload and hire ahead of the curve, instead of only searching for a candidate when someone leaves or the workload becomes too much. This takes planning, however, the results when done correctly are priceless.

In conclusion

Be prepared, think ahead, act swiftly and most of all: don’t forget – save time.

Working with a proven recruitment company like The Recruitment Alternative can be a great way to alleviate some of this time pressure. If you’re looking to take a lot of time-consuming steps off of your plate and increase your hiring speed, get in touch with us today.