Get The Best Out of Your Operations Manager Recruitment Campaign

getbestNext time you’re ready to start an Operations Manager recruitment drive, implement a few small changes to your processes and turn a fruitless frustrating search into the successful employment of your next Operations Manager superstar

Operations Manager Recruitment ads don’t have to be dull

• Top Operations staff are looking for exciting, dynamic, interesting places to work. Ensure your ad is interesting enough to grab their attention and encourage them to want to work for you. Appeal to passive job seekers by highlighting how much more attractive the job you are advertising is than the one they are currently employed in

• Use your Operations Manager recruitment campaign to show candidates the point of differentiation between yourself and similar companies

• Appeal to Operations staff with a social consciousness by using your advertising to highlight family friendly, environmental or work/life balance undertakings

If you don’t know who you want to find at the end of your Operations Manager recruitment campaign, how are you going to find them?

• Be clear about what type of Operations Manager candidate you want to attract. Consider Tertiary qualifications, industry experience, personal characteristics etc

• Implement and adhere to strict selection criteria that has been developed with the input of peers. Operations Managers will more than likely interact with most areas of your business, so a collaborative approach will yield the best outcome.

• Don’t be swayed by personality if the candidate doesn’t meet the criteria. If they don’t tick the boxes, it’s a no, regardless of how lovely they appear to be.

Don’t let your Operations Manager Recruitment drive down by delaying interviews for candidates:

• The top Operations Manager candidates are not sitting around waiting for you to get back to them. Snap them up and interview them as soon as you have qualified them as a quality candidate. Don’t allow your Operations Manager recruitment processes to take weeks, and run the risk of losing your quality candidates

Make your interviews transparent to remove bias:

• The key part of your Operations Manager recruitment is interviews, so treat them as a priority. Make yourself available, whether it be at alternative times or locations to suit your candidates.

• Ensure you are not disturbed, to allow yourself to give your full attention to candidates. This will mean removing yourself from all distractions: mobile phones, emails, work colleagues etc. Ensure those around you are aware that you are interviewing and that is your priority.

• Encourage candidates to interview you as much as you interview them. Encourage questions about your organisation, and be prepared to explain in detail the role you are recruiting

• Your Operations Manager recruitment process may be thorough and complicated, but your candidates don’t need to know that. Ensure the process is timely and uncomplicated from the candidate’s point of view

• Provide clear expectations for the candidate so they know how long your recruitment process is likely to take, and therefore when they can expect a response from you

Finish your Operations Manager Recruitment Process on a high note by securing your top candidate quickly:

• The most frustrating end to Operations Manager recruitment is finding a top candidate and losing them to another role. The top candidates will not be around for long, so lock them in as soon as you are sure they are the top fit for your business

• Ensure all internal processes are ready to go so that when you find your superstar, you can engage them immediately

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