Work-Life Balance In Your Business

One of the biggest drives for employees is whether or not they can achieve a work-life balance in their current or future place of employment. This factor often determines if an employee will leave or stay with an organisation. It’s not always easy to achieve in an unpredictable and fast-paced business environment. With so many other things to think about how can employers help create an environment to foster a work-life balance? Here are some great tips from The Recruitment Alternative:

Support and Encourage Time Off

A break from the daily grind will provide your employees with an opportunity to switch off and recharge their batteries. It can also help boost productivity when they return and improve mental health. As an employer, you are showing your employees you support them and care about them. Burnt out employees are less productive, unhappy and more likely to leave.

Employee Feedback

Encourage and implement ways your employees can provide constructive feedback. Improving work-life balance can be achieved when employees are able to contribute in other ways to the business. They could introduce new innovations ideas, provide a different perspective, suggest new ideas, etc.

Flexible Schedule

If you are in a position to offer flexible conditions such as working one day a week at home, adjusting start and finishing times so employees can pick up children from school, being open to swapping days/hours around depending on life demands, etc. Then why not do so? Have a set plan in place and a guide of how you would like things to proceed so it doesn’t feel like employees are ‘coming and going whenever they want’. It’s all about finding the right balance with give and take on both sides.

Open Communication Lines

Work-life balance can look different for everyone. Once you have established a general guide of how you will support your employees, be sure to leave your lines of communication open. If employees feel comfortable approaching you and discuss a change in their circumstances (which may require some flexibility or understanding) they will feel more supported and you’re less likely to lose a valuable employee.

Balanced employees tend to feel more motivated and less stressed out at work, which increases the overall company productivity and can reduce the number of conflicts among co-workers and management. Companies who gain a reputation for encouraging work-life balance have become very attractive to workers and will draw a valuable pool of candidates for new job openings.

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Social Media for Small Business

As a small business owner, having a social media presence can be a great way to reach existing customers and clients, as well as connect with potential ones. When this is done correctly and effectively, it can add a boost to your business.

However, you also need to be conscious of how you manage your social media platforms as it can be a distraction as well as deter potential clients if not utilized effectively.

Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative on ways you can foster a positive social media experience for your business.

What are your goals?

You don’t need have social media presence across all platforms just because they are available to you. Think about your business goals then identify which platform will best assist you in achieving those goals. Make a list of 3 to 5 goals, then look at which platform/s you will use to leverage these goals.

Choose your platform

Do some research and find out where your clients and customers spend most of their time online. Invest your time in this platform, start networking, sharing other people’s content and start growing your connections.

Use visuals

When posting content on your social media pages, adding photos, videos or graphics as opposed to pure content, will help boost engagement with your audience. If you have a service based business, you could consider posting a photo that aligns with your content and is quick to grab the attention of the reader.

Seek assistance

Managing your social media pages as well as your business can be overwhelming and you don’t need to do it all yourself. See if there is someone in your business who can take over management of this function, or if your budget allows, enlist in external support.

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