Christmas Recruitment Tips

Christmas is quickly approaching. We are all starting to wind down and look forward to some rest and relaxation after all the Covid drama. However, before you pack up for the year there are some recruitment tips you should consider. Christmas recruitment is beneficial for many businesses, especially to have your team trained and ready to go in 2022. Here are some Christmas recruitment tips from The Recruitment Alternative.

Start Early

Santa may have a seasonal business, but many small to medium sized business owners in Australia and New Zealand do not. Planning for next year starts now. Know what new hires you need to make before the New Year so that you can decide if they should start now or next year. If recruiting this year is in your plans, it’s better to start early then waiting to late December.

Look Beyond Experience

It is a competitive candidate market out there. There is a lot of demand but not enough supply so don’t limit your search to candidates with similar work histories. Use scenario-based questions to determine whether they can do what’s needed. Candidates could have transferrable skills sets that with a little training could make them the perfect fit for your business. Just because they haven’t done this exact role before, doesn’t mean they won’t be good at it. You can always train those would an excellent work ethic and attitude.

Review Your Culture

Santa’s elves want to work for him because he is jolly and approachable and there is a positive work environment. The elves never fail to deliver the presents on time for Santa to give to all the children. If your company culture has taken a hit, it may be time to consider the following:

  • Building stronger employee relationships
  • Connect your team with a purpose
  • Have frequent employee recognition
  • Be more transparent and open with your team
  • Allow more autonomy or flexible working arrangements for balance
  • Check in with your team one on one

When you’re interviewing candidates for new roles, they will pick up on the company culture and vibe.

Leave Nothing To Chance

Use The Recruitment Alternative to take all of the hassle out of the recruitment process for you. Our expert team of Recruitment Consultants can find the right candidate for your business at an affordable price. Contact us today on 1300 548 546 (AU) or 0800 587 546 (NZ). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Why You Should Recruit In December

There is no doubt that recruiting in December can be tricky due to the Christmas season. However, we’ll share some information on why you should recruit in December. So you don’t put it off until the New Year, when you can start fresh. As commencing a recruitment campaign in December has many advantages over starting in January.

Top Five Benefits

  1. Cherry-pick the best candidates ahead of the competition
  2. Induct and train candidates so they are ready to hit the ground running in the New Year
  3. As other companies wind down it means candidates will have more flexibility to take time off to attend interviews
  4. There will be less competition, as most companies believe Christmas is a quiet time for recruitment
  5. When advertising, there is a high chance that your ad will be seen by the right candidates as job seekers are usually saturated with ads and this time of year means less competition and more visibility

Leverage Your Social Media

Social media use ramps up at this time of year due to online shopping, people sharing their Christmas selfies, family/friends getting in touch with each other to coordinate social gatherings, posting pictures of beach trips, etc. Utilising your social media correctly during this period means you will have more opportunity of connecting to the right candidates. Not only that, but it’s an excellent branding opportunity as well!

Post COVID-19 Recruitment

Some states such as Victoria, have been greatly impacted by Covid-19 restrictions. This has changed the recruitment scene for 2020 compared to what it looked like in 2019. With the employment landscape ever-changing, it is important to be prepared for what recruitment will look like for your organisation now. Such as flexible working hours, ability to work from home, training with new software such as Zoom, etc.

Feeling Busy But Need To Recruit?

If you are just too busy but still need to recruit in December, that is what The Recruitment Alternative is here for! With our affordable fixed pricing, we offer a low-cost recruitment solution that makes sense. Operating across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, etc. our highly skilled consultants are ready to find the right fit for your organisation. Contact us on 0800 587 546 today to discuss how we can help save you money and time on your next recruitment campaign over this Christmas season.

5 New Year Resolutions For Job Seekers

It may seem like a cliché to make a list of resolutions for 2019. But the New Year is actually the perfect time to commit to actions that will positively affect your career. Over the Christmas break, you’ve probably had some time to reflect on the previous year and are eager to shed bad habits and start over. Saying you’re going to do something is the easy part. If you’re really serious about finding your dream job this year, here are some great resolutions from The Recruitment Alternative to try and keep:

“I Will Make A Plan”

Once you have decided on your new goals it makes sense to make a clear plan. To ensure you can reach your career goals, making a plan that takes you back to the basics. Refresh your resume, cover letter and build a professional online presence. Make a list of companies to target in your search and set realistic daily job seeking activities. In your plan, you can dot point the next few steps such as preparing for an interview, negotiation tactics etc.

“I Will Work Positively With Recruiters”

Working with recruiters can make all the difference in your job seeking journey. They can offer you fantastic advice, prepare you for an interview, provide you with feedback on your resume, negotiate on your behalf etc. It’s important to always respond in a timely fashion and, be open and honest with your recruiter. Don’t waste your time or a recruiters time by applying for positions you are not qualified for. Always read job ads carefully, recruiters act on behalf of employers so being professional at all times will help you to stand out from the crowd.

“I Will Build And Maintain A Professional Network”

In today’s job-seeking market, an online presence is a very important step on your job seeking journey. Make sure your LinkedIn and Seek profiles are current. Make new connections and continuously cultivate existing connections. Use social media, there are many jobs seeking groups and other such networks to connect with. Don’t forget other tools such as the good old telephone, to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. Take advantage of industry events and other networking opportunities to meet new people in your field.

“I Will Remain Positive”

You may not find overnight success when job seeking. More often then not these things take time so it’s important to remain positive and don’t pass up on good opportunities when they arise. Reward yourself regularly for small victories and take on feedback. While you’re working on goals specific to job hunting, it also makes sense to enhance your work-related skills. Look for opportunities to better yourself and help improve your job prospects.

“I Will Think About The Kind Of Job I Really Want”

If you’re going to take the time to look for a new position, it should be something you really want to do. In other words, determine what will make you happy and what exactly you want from a new position. Is it a higher salary, more flexibility, added responsibility, and authority etc. A work-life balance is one of the most important and trending things to many job seekers. You will save a lot of time by knowing what you want, what you will compromise/negotiate on etc.

Seeking a new job is always going to require exceptional effort on your part. Following these suggestions along the way should help you to move toward a successful search in the new year. Be sure to check out The Recruitment Alternative’s job board for new employment opportunities. Also, take a look at our job seeker help center for more tips and suggestions to assist you on your job seeking journey.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas – We are open for business!

We are open for your business through Christmas & New Year!merry christmas

Need to recruit early 2017?

Merry Christmas! Recruitment doesn’t stop for the holidays at The Recruitment Alternative.  New Zealand SME’s are growing and thriving. New staff are going to be needed to help with your expanding businesses. The Recruitment Alternative are a generalist recruitment company. Our consultants come from a wide range of industries. We specialise in giving personalised care to your business. And we match candidates to fit your job brief, culture, and expectations.

Contact one of our consultants during your holiday downtime to discuss how we can help you in the New Year.  Let us help you plan for your next recruitment drive. Our staff come from all industries and businesses and can offer one to one advice on how to recruit the right candidate.

Merry Christmas: Things to do?

There are a few things that you can add to your holiday to-do lists to help plan ahead for next year.

Checklist: Things to have prepped before recruiting

    The application process – Make sure you know how this process is going to run and you’ve scheduled key dates with your team.

⊗    A job description – This is a pretty basic one but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this worked out in heaps of detail before they start looking for people.

    The remuneration package – Having a fairly clear idea of what you want to (and can!) offer before those conversations crop up is obviously a good idea. So, sometimes this means having a couple of different structures up your sleeve so you can be flexible around the applicant’s ideal scenario.

    An employment agreement – This is the really important legal part of your hiring process so it’s a good idea to have it pretty much ready to go before you start. That way if there are little tweaks you need to make you won’t have a hold up at the lawyer’s office.

    Interview process and questions – Who’s going to be involved in interviews from your end? So, what questions are you going to ask? This’ll help you prep your team for the process and may help with how you’re wording your ads.

The Recruitment Alternative recruitment solutions extend to every city within New Zealand. Working in major cities near you in –  Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

So whether you’re looking for a Junior Receptionist or a Senior Finance Manager The Recruitment Alternative can help you.

In conclusion, we want you to know “budget recruitment to suit your budget is our business!”

Finally,  Click here to contact us now or call 0800 587 546 for a quick response!

Merry Christmas to all from the team at “The Recruitment Alternative”.  

Christmas Recruitment Blog – Part Two

Christmas Recruitment wrap-up.

It’s that time of year again. Time for a Christmas Recruitment wrap-up. The sound of jingle Christmas songs in the shops and fairy lights on the high street can mean downtime in activity as candidates and clients alike start to focus their attention on Christmas ham, BBQ parties and time out with their families. When should a recruiter switch off “selling mode” and instead embrace the festive Christmas Recruitmentseason?

To tell the truth, I don’t think we do stop – we just change why and how we are doing it. I am not suggesting that we sit up on Christmas eve on Seek & LinkedIn posting jobs (although some of us will be)  nor turning up online on Boxing Day.

It’s a great time to reach out! Let’s call it the “December Drive”

This is a great time of year to speak to individuals you haven’t updated with for a while – book in a January visit as a minimum to review a client’s needs, offer to take a client out to a Christmas or a January lunch as a thank you for all their time spent with you this year.

Think about adding that little bit extra value to your clients? A bottle of wine, nice chocolates or a selection of boutique cupcakes is perfect if you know that’s more their thing – it’s a small price but a huge gesture to your top clients, plus it makes you feel nice too! Make a list of first calls of the new year for those people who you haven’t managed to speak to before the holiday. Your goal is to have the first fortnight of the year booked up – if you do that likelihood is you are ahead of your competition.

Don’t just speak to your clients

Make time to speak to your supervisors, team leaders or boss! So, take a minute out to let them know you value their contribution. Take time to find out what they are doing for the holidays. Where are they going? What are they reading?

Remember time away from work for an undervalued worker, is an opportunity to job search. Let your great staff know they are great, valued and needed for the coming year’s challenges.

Take the time out to plan your recruitment year ahead.

Who can you see within your organisation that could be pushed to learn a new skill? Take on a new task? Be offered a new position? Where are your recruitment gaps? Look at your older employees and look at a succession plan. Christmas Recruitment time-out can help towards a great coming year.

Get in contact with The Recruitment Alternative

The consultants at The Recruitment Alternative are recruitment experts. Understanding the changing workforce and planning for the future – These are skills where we have a full bank. Contact one of our knowledgeable Recruitment Consultants for an obligation free chat.  Let us do what we do best.

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Christmas Recruitment Blog – Part One

Christmas Recruitment wrap-up.Christmas Recruitment

Yes, the tinsel is hung around the lamp post and Boney M has started playing through the shopping malls. It’s that time of year again, time to think about the Christmas Recruitment wrap-up.

Think ahead and get organised

Take this time to think about what you want to change on Jan 2nd –  Put a plan on paper NOW so that you can literally start running on that first day back.  There definitely is a time when things do grind to a halt. The days between Christmas and New Year if you’re working is likely to be s-l-o-w at its best.

Take the opportunity to use this time well.

  • So, book in a bit of general housekeeping: sort your desk out – there is always room for improvement inside everyone’s desk.
  • Update your phone or contact lists with the contact details and the business cards you have collected.
  • Get rid of any piles of filing or notes you have lying around, even better write them up and organise them.
  • Also, empty your inbox, go through your emails and flag those which need actioning or marking any email that requires urgent attention.
  • Start the year with an organised workspace and it is more likely to be an organised month and year ahead.

Make the ground work count. Make sure that December isn’t a wasted month but actually, the most productive month of your year leaving you refreshed, motivated and with a clear direction in January 2017.

Get in contact with The Recruitment Alternative

The consultants at The Recruitment Alternative are recruitment experts. We understanding the changing workforce and planning for the future – These are skills where we have a full bank. Contact one of our knowledgeable Recruitment Consultants for an obligation free chat.  Let us do what we do best.

The Recruitment Alternative, Low-cost Recruitment Solutions for your business.

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