Affordable Recruitment For Small Businesses

Our value proposition is that you no longer have to pay high prices to source great candidates. Here at The Recruitment Alternative, we offer affordable recruitment services for small businesses. We understand that all businesses essentially want two things from a recruitment agency. The first is great candidates and the second is low cost recruitment fees. We provide both!

How are we so affordable?

This is a question that we are asked often. “How can we provide such an effective recruitment service at such low recruitment prices?”

The answer is simple. We are able to offer a highly effective recruitment service by adopting a range of innovative reforms.  These reforms allow us to provide our clients with high levels of service at a low cost. You no longer have to pay high prices to access a great recruitment service.

Check out what we do to keep our prices down:

  1. Lots of work means we can keep our margins low.Due to our budget pricing and our very high service levels we get lots of work. Because we get lots of work, we’re able to keep our prices down.
  2. We work very hard to keep our administration, infrastructure and marketing costs down.We save thousands of dollars by aggressively eliminating unnecessary expenditures. There are no fancy offices with city views and no long client lunches for us. Much of our work comes from word of mouth!
  3. The bulk of our consultants’ pay comes from successfully placing a candidate with our clients.If we don’t place a candidate our income is severely curtailed.
  4. We’re not greedy.Conventional agencies charge, on average, 12% (and even that’s on the low side). 12% of, say, a $70K role is: $8400. That’s $8,400 for a single placement. We think that’s excessive. If you agree why not contact us for a chat?
  5. Excellent Recruitment Service at a budget price!

Simple Flat Fee Structure For Small Businesses

Our affordable pricing model is simplicity itself. We have a 3-tiered low-cost pricing approach, dependent on the salary of the candidate being recruited. To view our current pricing please click here.

Three Month Replacement Guarantee

We understand that when recruiting for a small business, affordable and affective recruitment is key. As well as having peace of mind during the process.

We enjoy a fantastic reputation amongst our clients for providing them with a cast iron, no questions asked three-month replacement guarantee. It’s one of the reasons 80% of our business is repeat business! Should a candidate we place with you leave within the first 3 months (for any reason) we’ll start the whole campaign for you again for the small fee engagement fee.

We are a low-cost recruitment agency with the in-house experience to recruit in all job categories. Our budget recruitment model allows small businesses to source all your recruitment needs at a price that suits your budget for your small business. We’ve helped clients across New Zealand and Australia by identifying and recruiting the best talent every day.

To find out more about our affordable recruitment services and how we can help you and your smallbusiness, contact us today!

Social Media for Small Business

As a small business owner, having a social media presence can be a great way to reach existing customers and clients, as well as connect with potential ones. When this is done correctly and effectively, it can add a boost to your business.

However, you also need to be conscious of how you manage your social media platforms as it can be a distraction as well as deter potential clients if not utilized effectively.

Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative on ways you can foster a positive social media experience for your business.

What are your goals?

You don’t need have social media presence across all platforms just because they are available to you. Think about your business goals then identify which platform will best assist you in achieving those goals. Make a list of 3 to 5 goals, then look at which platform/s you will use to leverage these goals.

Choose your platform

Do some research and find out where your clients and customers spend most of their time online. Invest your time in this platform, start networking, sharing other people’s content and start growing your connections.

Use visuals

When posting content on your social media pages, adding photos, videos or graphics as opposed to pure content, will help boost engagement with your audience. If you have a service based business, you could consider posting a photo that aligns with your content and is quick to grab the attention of the reader.

Seek assistance

Managing your social media pages as well as your business can be overwhelming and you don’t need to do it all yourself. See if there is someone in your business who can take over management of this function, or if your budget allows, enlist in external support.

The Recruitment Alternative has presence across three social media platforms. You can find us at the links below: